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Welcome to 3Gen(erations)


We are 3 generations of Minecrafters and our 3Gen Server offers:
Longer days, shorter nights, and less rain.
A world with very good mining.
Creepers don't blow up your stuff.
Claim and protect your property.
Keep your Inventory if you die.
Food, torches, a shulkerbox, iron armor, tools, and weapons when you arrive.
A lottery and daily $500 /kit allowance.
Jobs and ChestShop for earning money and /warp store to spend it in.
The ability to to pick up spawners with Silk Touch.
Zombies that aren't aggressive toward Villagers (just you).
No phantoms or endermites.
Random Teleport (/rtp) and /back with no delays.
A golden shovel to claim and protect your property.

If you need help, just ask - we'd love to help you have fun!

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