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PanicECO Economy 1.6.2


Welcome To PanicECO! We are glad you have decided to look at our server! We Are A Family Friendly (No Swearing) Server that is very unique. We Have Very Friendly, Dedicated, Helpful Staff, A Very Beautiful Spawn, Lots Of Things To Do, Many cool places to visit like our MegaMart, A Bank (Where you can actually deposit and withdraw money), A PVP Arena (PVP is only allowed in the arena, it IS disabled in the whole world), An Awesome MobArena "Hotel" You Work your way up as you fight waves of mobs, An awesome "mall" right outside of spawn which has shops, rank info, and much more. We Also Have a very big Parkour Course, A MobLodge where you can fight mobs for as long as you want, and Much, Much More! If you want to see all the cool things we offer, come check us out.

These Are Just A Small Amount Of Cool Plugins We Offer--Items marked with a (+) are for donators only
-iConomy (manages money)
-ProtectionStones (protects what you build, so others can't break it)
-PortalGun(+) (If you play portal, you will know what this is! You can teleport from place to place)
-GUIShop (Lets you type /shop and shop via a menu that pops up, so you don't even have to move!)
-DyeArmor(+)(Lets you dye your leather armor with the /dye command)
-MinePay(+)(Get Money for each piece of coal, iron, diamond, and redstone you dig up)
-KillerMoney(Get Money for any hostile mob you kill)
-PaidHeal(+)(Pay To heal yourself, doesn't work in PVP)
-ChestShop(Sell Items Via Chest to other players)
And More
We Hope You Join, And Thanks! :)


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