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ExodiusMC - How Mini-Games are Supposed to be


Join now for custom made games such as:

QUAKE CRAFT - A fast-paced twitch shooter sporting a variety of power-ups. Use your railgun to gib your way to the top!

NEBULA - Join forces with your team and take down the enemy cores their source of life! This bloody brawl will test any minecrafter’s skill.

GALAXIES - On floating islands get together with your team to gather resources, build out, and reach the black hole, all while defending and strengthening your core. Arm yourselves and take down the enemy cores to be the last ones standing!

THE ARCADE - Play fun micro games with up to 10 people in an array of different arenas

LEAGUE FACTIONS - A fully custom faction-like experience with state of the art features, such as network-wide accessibility and integration!

Join now at! We hope to see you on soon!

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