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Milky Craft


MilkyCraft - A family friendly survival server where you can enjoy a unique form of gameplay, as you create, explore, rankup, and more. We aim to make Milky Craft as family friendly as possible, and make sure that players are never bored.

There's always something to do and new features are being added regularly!

Some of our features include:
A Friendly Community - Get to know your MilkyCraft community, and unite as one!
Voting Rewards - Vote for us on voting sites for exciting rewards!
Vote Day/Night - The whole server can vote on whether it is day, or night!
SilkSpawners - You can mine up mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe just like any other block!
GriefPrevention - Protect your land from unauthorized modification!
PvP - Clash with other players in our dedicated arena!
Milk - Milk is a powerful potion, but cows only give it two times each!
Ranks - There are exciting ranks to earn with play time, votes, and money!

Come on over and join us! Website: IP:

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