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The Hero Realms: Huge Roleplay Races Server

HeroRealms consists on three races. Orcs, Dwarves and Elves. When you join the server, you have the ability to join one of these three races. All three races are opposing forces that are fighting each other over control. When you join the race of your choice, you can visit your races homeland "/f home" and help out there. Also at the homelands, there are tasks, shops, custom economy and more! At the MainTown (Spawn) there are tones of villages scattered around with NPCs and people that you can chat to. The town also has a Mob Arena "/ma join" and a Market! (The Town is where you do to board the ship to your motherland)

Good luck! Your gonna need it!

Here are some of the plugins that we use on our server!

Factions - This plugin is the on that actually allows us to create Races that players are able to join. With this plugin, we can add Races Power, Home and claimed land. It also stops players from killing each other on the same team. This also helps identify people who are on your team too! Although its supposed to be used for players custom individual factions, the plugin has a "Permanent" function allowing us to create "Official" factions! (races)

Mob Arena - This plugin adds a great level of Combat and Competition by providing an arena (Created from Online Sources) so that players can work together and defend themselves from wave after wave of zombies, skeletons and spiders (Also bosses!) The players receive prizes depending on how long they survive in the arena!

WorldPortal - This plugin lets us create buttons that you can use to teleport around to different places around the Main town and also travel to the Races homelands using the transportation boat. Its a great plugin that's easy to use allowing players to quickly teleport to different places without having to walk!

CommandButtons/Signs - This plugin allows us to program buttons and signs to execute different commands! This will allow players to quickly choose their race and place at the spawn area without having to ask what commands that they have to type! Its easy and not confusing this way!

SignShopHotel - This plugin allows players to rent rooms at the Main Town Hotel that rent out for 1 day for only 500 gold! The rooms allow you to have a nice comfortable sleep or rest from fighting or talking to other players!


Here is a list of rules that you must follow on our server!

  1. Don't Spawn Kill - Spawn killing prevents other players from roaming the map and having as much fun as you are. So please do not Spawn Kill people. You are allowed to kill them a few times but no more than a few.

  2. Don't Be Racist - This does not mean "Don't be racist to Orcs, Dwarves or Elves!" it means don't be racist about other peoples real life race! Racists will be warned and then banned!

  3. Don't Swear/Be Offensive - Saying bad words on the server is accepted. But you are not allowed to go "Over the top" with swearing.

  4. Don't Rage - Please do not be a little kid and rage on the server if someone kills you. Its allowed. (You can rage if they are hacking or anythings. But that's all!)

  5. Don't Spam/Advertise - Spammers and Advertisers will be warned and then banned from the server! Do not advertise other servers on our because it will get our server less popular!

  6. Don't Hack - Hackers are just stupid idiots that can't be bothered playing fair. They are too bad at playing properly that they just use hacks. Hackers on the server are demanded to uninstall the hacking software and/or leave the server!

  7. Don't Ask For Stuff - You are not allowed to ask any Opped/Staff members for Items, Ranks or anything else! If you do, you will be asked to stop and then banned if it continues!

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