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Welcome, to Region Network advertisement page. Community, is what our uniquely developed server's appeal to. Mature staff and players fill our everyday player base to create a solid environment. We are a hub server with four servers Faction's, Towny, Kit-Pvp, and Minigames!

Factions : Open!

Our faction server has a great map (original minecraft seed), with a 11 k world border to ensure that you will find spot's to raid. Complex plugins, with simple game play like Jobs and treasure crates. We user McMMO and unlike most servers we have it all. No lag, with awsome players and a great solid feel to the server what else could you ask for?

Towny: Open!

Our towny server comes with a very custom feel. Rocking a 8k by 8k custom map, for awesome views and other towns to easily start wars with. Wars take place on Wednesday and Saturday and they run between large nations! Once again awesome plugins smooth game play!

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