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--= MineWonderLand Network =--

Welcome to MC 1.16.3 Survival Classic Server!

Server features:

  • Minecraft 1.16 survival world
  • Economy / Shops / Auctions
  • Daily rewards
  • Autorank
  • Pets
  • Trails
  • Crates
  • Tags
  • Custom heads
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Land protection (golden shovel)
  • Random teleporter
  • Silk spawners
  • Non-Pvp
  • No banned items
  • Dynamic map

hub ip:


family friendly server, chats are kept to PG rating
Posted 1st Aug 2020
There are no assigned moderators. Anybody who plays on the server for long enough can mute whoever the fuck they want without consequence. The owner is racist and enforces racist rules. Overall, it's a neo-Nazi infested shithole.
Posted 15th Jul 2020