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Ancalagon Factions

Ancalagon Factions


Hello and Welcome to Ancalagon. A place where there is hatred, war, raiding. A place where you fight with others, help others, BETRAY others. This is going to be your everyday life, get used to it. You will die, you will kill. Join us and take the path of a leader a lead your faction through war, or will you join a faction and strive to be the most powerful faction? Will you protect your faction or raid it? If you like war, pvp, and more, join us, Ancalagon.
Our website: null(coming soon)
↠What we offer↞

  • Factions
  • Economy
  • DDOS Protection
  • Mature Staff
  • Little to NO lag at all
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Breakable obsidian with 3 hits of TNT
  • [1] Be respectful towards everyone
  • [2] No Hacked Clients
  • [3] Use common sence
  • [4] No advertising
  • [5] Do not duplicate items
  • [6] No DDOSING or DOXING other players
  • [7] Do not ask/beg for ranks/items
  • [8] No PVPlogging
  • [9] No caps lock
  • [10] No evasion of ban

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