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Hello! We would like to invite you to join our new SMP PvE server, We started up a little over a month ago and already got a friendly community and a helpful staff team ready to assist you. We are a completely free server, meaning there is no donation ranks or perks of any kind. But fear not - we have lots of fun ranks, features and plugins for our players!

Here is a list of some features and things you can do on the server;

  • Edit armorstands
  • Backpacks for extra storage
  • Create portals made of wool to connect your areas or friends areas.
  • Make elevators
  • Use colored text on signs
  • Create cities - we have a city system with tiers and each completed tier is rewarded.
  • Players and mobs can drop heads when they die. We have a couple chestshops set up in the market selling decoration heads aswell, to give your builds the little extra touch.
  • Create your own shop in our market world.
  • Endless amount of materials in our resourceworld
  • Two protectionsystems; Griefprevention and Blocklocker.
  • Economy
  • Hopperfilters - place itemframs on hoppers to sort what items they can take and not.
  • Statistics - see how many hours you've played, blocks placed, diamonds mined and much more!
  • Catch animals using eggs
  • Store xp in signs
  • TreeAssist makes cutting trees easier than ever before - it even replants for you!
  • We have a creative server, where our players can use worldedit inside their plots.
  • Upcomming feature; Bosses!

All the information about features, commands, shortcuts and more can be accessed via our in-game menu, to open it just left-click with a seed or type /menu.

We are looking foreward to see you in-game!

Best Regards
BlockyNights Staff

Server Rules
Do not destroy or alter another player's build without permission
No stealing.
No cheat mods that gives you an unfair advantage.
Use common sense; idiocy will get you jailed or banned.
Behave civilized and treat others with respect. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.
Do not spam chat.
No obscene builds or signs.
No offensive/obscene skins.

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