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Quantum Vibe is a cutting-edge Vanilla SMP server offering a captivating gameplay experience that transcends boundaries. With seamless support for both Bedrock and Java editions (Version: 1.20.1), players from all platforms can embark on a thrilling journey together.

Immerse yourself in a realm where rules ensure fairness and camaraderie:

Engage in PVP only when mutually agreed upon.
Respect the possessions of others; no stealing allowed.
Preserve the integrity of creations; no griefing permitted.
Uphold the spirit of fair play; cheating, exploits, and unfair advantages through mods or resource packs like xRay, item duplication, or glitching are strictly prohibited.
Always seek consent before utilizing public resources.
Maintain a smooth experience for all; refrain from using lagmachines.
The server is exclusively for players aged 16 and above, fostering a mature and enjoyable environment.
While Quantum Vibe thrives on continuity, world resets will occur upon major Minecraft updates, ensuring fresh adventures. Such decisions are made democratically through server-wide voting, placing the power in the hands of the community.

Join the Quantum Vibe universe today:
Server Address:
Discover more and request whitelist access on our Discord server:
Discord Link:
Explore our dynamic world through the interactive Dynmap:

Embark on an extraordinary journey, where the possibilities are limitless and the Quantum Vibe awaits!

This server is Amazing. I have enjoyed every bit of time I spend in this server. This is a fun way to make friends and even work on skills with one another
Posted 20th Sep 2022