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[Being an inmate]

The inmates of our prison are the nastiest, meanest criminals you'll ever meet. They find clever ways to smuggle in goods from the free members. Rumor has it that there is a man living beneath the prison who sells equiptment for mined goods! He is known as dagmar. To make this simple, he runs the place. Finding him will not be a simple task, and mentioning his name around guards can get you into some deep shit, solitary confinement. You will need to work hard through mining ores, and selling ingots to the free members or admin shops.

[Becoming Free]

Once you work your way through the prison, you can finally earn your freedom back. As a free member you cannot return back to the prison. Many people have been caught, and serve some time in a local jail for breaking and entering into our prison. The usual crime commited from a free member being caught in the prison because they attempted to smuggle in illegal/contraband goods.

As a free member you can only enter the prison during visiting hours unless you sneak back in!. We usually don't search you, but if you look suspicious you can be pat down because we have the right to randomly search our visitors.

[Becoming King]

After you serve your time as an inmate, you will need to go through the ranks to be the ruler outside of the prison. The job of a king is to control the black market. You will be the the one who hires new free members to do the dirty work for you, and make a lot of profit off of them as you would have had to do in the past. Being a king alows you to create and own a town, the more free members that join, the stronger your civilization and power grows.

It's not an easy task to become a king. You must work as a free player, a knight, and lastly the king's hand. After all of this, you will finally be able to rule on a throne of your own. You can stay with your old king, or create a new kingdom.

? No usage of hacked clients, ? No usage of other mods other than optivine and minimaps, ? No advertising other servers or websites ? No excessive insults and strictly no racism, harassment, or sexual remarks ? SafeZoning is allowed ? Don't abuse bugs or glitches ? What the guards say goes, be a good inmate ? Griefing is allowed ? Scamming is allowed ? Don't encourage other inmates to break the rules ? No fraudulent donations ? Do not advertise our server's IP on any other servers ? If you think something is not allowed, ask the guards

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