This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Rikxelistic!

Mods Needed:

Pixelmon: Get pixelmon version 4.2.7 here

An easier step is to just download the servers PixPack available on the Pixelmon Launcher

Here at Rikxelistic we strive for a friendly environment where all players will feel welcomed! We have some of the best staff out there who are always willing to help you, the staff are in all different timezones and are on always all times of the day. We offer a 100% lag free environment with our own realistic generation.

Server Features:

Rikxelistic is an under powered Pixelmon server! WonderTrade is available and if you're lucky you may find a legendary in there along with pokemon that range from level one to forty! You can Rankup by just playing on the server each rankup has additional unique commands unlocked to it. We have NPC shops that can be found in spawn and throughout the towns in the pokeshops. Gyms are run by NPC's and you can battle them at absolutely any time of the day and they will adapt to your fighting style as well so expect a challenge! Don't worry about your items, you keep your inventory on death so there are no pesky surprises that will leave you item-less. Food is no problem either, we have the sever set on peaceful just for your convenience! Worried about pesky griefers? Worry no more as we have a top of the line grief prevention plugin called, Grief Prevention also known as the golden shovel plugin! Join now!

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