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Cubidava [Infinity 1.7]


Hello everyone!
Cubidava is looking for new players to join our server.

So to join you need to know a few things about the server and the players.
And we need to know some things about you.

We are a small group of friends that play on the server.
The server has no plugins so only the pack.
We don't steal or grief and we use common sense.
We speak english in chat and we have an TS server.
Help is given to who it needs.

We need to know a few things about you like:

How old are you?
What's your play stile?
Have you ever been banned? If so, what was the reason?
How long you play minecraft?
Where are you from?
And, of course, we have to know your in game name (IGN).

We have some rules also:

No grief, raiding, stealing, or duping.
No big lag machines, you are not alone here.
Mystcraft creation is fine but don't overdo it, the same for RF worlds.
If you don't know the mod, just don't use it.
Don't beg or harass players for stuff.
No racism.
No 1 by 1 pillars
Place your mining machine in a mining age. We try to keep overworld with no holes in it.

About server?
It's a dedicated server hosted in Germany, with an AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6338P , 12 cores and 64GB RAMs

Visit out page to find out how to join!!

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