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Dark Six Game modes: On Dark Six we offer many game modes, such as Factions, Creative, Skyblock, and Bed Wars. In our factions you can create groups to team up and raid others base, or just have fun and build! In our Skyblock you can create your own island at the difficulties of Normal/Duos/Black Diamond each one getting harder as it goes. Will you face the Black Diamond? For Bedwars, you can play doubles or solo, enjoy breaking bed, getting finals, and more. In Creative, you have a 64x64 plot where you can get creative. (ehh like the joke?)

Staff: Our staff on Dark Six are friendly, good at their job, and willing to help player experience in anyway possible. If you ever see someone swearing in chat/being racist please report it to our staff or on the forums.

Staff Positions:

Owner: TheIronSpke

Head Admin: I_LIKE_PI3

Head Mod:Porphius

Mods: minecraftnikhil, mcbanana07, NoahPie

Builders: MrTrovian

Community: Our community is very good, we have a decent amount of players, and you could be one of them, but most of all, everybody in our community is nice and treats others with respect. Make sure to come on Dark Six sometime, where dreams meet reality.

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