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CraftChan is a server founded in reaction to the horror that is modern-day minecraft servers. Founded upon the prinipals of free speech, leaniant rules, quality userbase and overall well-roundedness in February 2015, CraftChan is a small minecraft server and is not like any large server you have ever played on (not only because it is small). Unlike the large minecraft servers, which are run like a business, CraftChan is run like a nation of its own. Whilst the large servers seek to destroy the very aspects of the game of minecraft with 'muh minigames', 'muh hub servers', 'muh chat censorship', 'muh donators', 'muh creative plots', all models of mass reproduction and consumption, CraftChan encourages and harbours the aspects that make minecraft such a decent vidya gaem. CraftChan has many worlds, including a world for creative mode, on for survival mode, and one for survival mode with greifing and scary mobs. Also, average users have access to many commands, so you can mess around with that if you so desire.

CraftChan is meant to be a very well rounded server, and allows its players to do almost anything. You can build in creative world, mine in survival, go sell it for money, rollplay with friends, troll people, build a shop, start a war, etc. It is meant to be a silly little server and nothing CraftChan says is to be taken as fact, as it probably leads to death.


  • Spawn - It just has the server's spawn and nothing else.

  • Creative - Infinite flat land for building, player's abilities aren't limited by repressive plots.

  • Survival - Easy Mode survival, no griefing/pvp/tnt, lock chests. Build and survive peacefully.

  • War - Hard Mode survival, griefing, raiding, tnt. Survive by any means necessary.


Unlike large business server, one ranks up in CraftChan by proving themself worthy, not by bribery. The ranks a player can have are as follows:

  • Outsider - Access to many commands, default group, no WE in creative

  • Citizen - Access to more commands, such as /nick and /fly. WE in creative,
    earned by playing for a while

  • Builder - Access to more commands, such as /tp and /smite, creative mode in all worlds, can build in all worlds, earned by building lots of gr8 stuff

  • Admin - Enforces server laws on players, earned by appointment

  • Owner - tha Owner

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