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Kanto League Pixelmon

Kanto League Pixelmon


Welcome to Kanto League Pixelmon! We are a 1.7.10 pixelmon server who is starting over again after being offline for over a year and a half.

Wonderful staff and plugins, plus all of the gyms and cities from the Kanto region! The full map is available and ready to play on. Builders would be helpful to fix up some of the buildings and details.

Coming soon, we are hosting drop parties with tons of pokeloot, minecraft items, and even pokemon!

Our plugins include: Factions, Essentials, WorldBorder, Clearlag, CSBadges, Jobs!, Coreprotect, WorldEdit, and Server Signs (This includes protecting your doors, chests, and furnaces!).

Refer to if you wish to apply to become one of our staff members or gym leaders! We need as many applicants as possible, so feel free to try out!

We look forward to having you here at Kanto League Pixelmon!

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