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InfinityRealmsMC Factions


Were happy to announce that our 1 MONTH PROJECT has officially been completed. We all had to take a lot of time out of our studying and make the very best factions experience we possibly could! We will be having a lot of BIG UPDATES in the future. We would also like you guys to feel free and post anything you would like to help us grow day by day. So lets begin about the beginning of our server.

What is InfinityRealms?

Well, us InfinityRealmsMC are a official FACTIONS server that could hopefully provide the best experience for factions that we could possibly give. Now we hope that all players have freedom across the server, which is why instead of blocking some of our rules, we MINIMIZED them. 1 main rule we minimized is part of the chat, its the use of SWEARING. Now we have allowed the use of swearing but only used MINIMALLY! What does that mean? It means you cannot directly cuss/swear at a player. For example if you were to say (Mind my language here): Fk You TyDollaSigns. That is NOT ALLOWED! However you can say something like: TyDollaSigns stop being mean to everyone because everyone is feeling so Fking sad so please stop. That is ALLOWED!

What does InfinityRealms have that other factions server(s) don't?

Well, what we have different in our server than most others is the fact that we have alot of features that most other factions servers don't. Such as In-Game Ranks. Our In-Game Ranks include a variety of commands and gamechanging enchancments that other servers don't have. Such as we give In-Game Ranks the ability to use DISGUISES!

You can join us TODAY at:

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