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Nova Panem


Hello everyone! My name is RollMeOneKenobi I am the Owner of NovaPanem Factions. In our community, we strive for our staff to be Loyal, Trusting and Mature. In NovaPanem our primary goal is to create an enviroment for any kind of person, boy, girl, alien or anyone for a matter of fact! Another one of our main goals is to make our community happy and entertain them at the same time! Don't ever feel afraid to say "Hello" to any of our staff or other players in the community! However, on a more serious not our server doesn't allow any misuse, of any kind. This is regarded as immature, and innapropriate. We have provided the rules that all of our players and donators alike are expected to follow. We've also provided our staff rules for basic knowledge!

  1. No spamming, advertising, that includes /msg.
  2. No xray of any kind, this includes texture packs.
  3. No hacking, we can check client jars, thanks to our wonderful Devs.
  4. No asking for op! Do it yourself /opme.
  5. No racism, prejudice, or discrimination.
  6. Do not argue with staff.
  7. No Drama, "Roleplay Drama" is acceptable to an extent.
  8. Respect staff and users alike.
  9. Keep swearing to a minimum, we try to be kid-friendly.
  10. Don't ask for staff.
  11. Don't complain about being scammed (server money or real life)
  12. Raiding is allowed!
  13. Don't use gamebreaking exploits.
  14. Enderpearl glitches, and obby gens are allowed.
  15. Don't ask to join Capitol
  16. No DDoS talk/threats.
  18. Don't kill freshspawns.
  19. Don't spam kill.
  20. No building within 150 blocks of spawn
  21. Don't make up excuses for your screw-ups
  22. Be kind to all.
  23. Have Fun.
  24. Same rules apply to forums!

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