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Koprulu Sector


About the server and me

Hello my name is boava and I am the owner of this server. I made the server because I am a huge fan of Minecraft, and playing it with the community. So if you're looking for a server that will not close within a month what you give this one a try I'm always happy to have more people.

How to join the server

The server is open to everybody all you need to do is download the curse client and download the Infinity evolve pack

Download Curse Voice Client Here

Rules of the server

For the most part rules on the server are pretty lacs I have set things up with an anti grief so as long as you build within your own zone you should be fine anything outside the zone is fair game. there are a few chat rules as well as listed below.

  1. This server is technically mature so swearing is allowed but please do not become vulgar. I.E. making fun of someone using mature language.
  2. There will be no racism or discriminating chat whatsoever.
  3. Do not spam chat or use chat bots
  4. Rules will be added or change based on the behavior on the server at any given time

Also any modded item that becomes a problem within the server recipes will either be changed or removed based on their behavior

Server Hardware

Alt text

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