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We're an A-Z OP Prison Server! We run on Spigot which is an optimized version of CraftBukkit, this also allows us to have the server running a lot quicker after a Minecraft update!

We're open 24/7 and have little to no lag! Current server specifications:
Intel Xeon E3-1245 V2
8GB Ram

Getting started on the server is simple! Once connecting us /kit prison this will give you the basic armour, toolset and some food to get started! You can also use /kit food for more food. Once you've got your starter stuff use either /warp A or walk into the A portal at /spawn - Mine blocks in the mines and sell them to either the mine shop or to a player shop, once you have enough money use /rankup to advance to mine B! We have mines A to Z!

Once you reach rank D you will be able to create your own plot where you can store your items or if you're a donator you can create your own shop to buy/sell items to other players!

You can vote for us daily to receive a random reward, it also helps get the server out!

Check out our website at

Connect to the server on

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