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We have been a community for nearly two years and have recently reset our map for the 1.7.2 update, we have some great regular players and we are looking for some more mature and awesome players to join our ranks.

Our server to includes multiverse so we have a creative world and also a hard difficulty world, so when you join us you get a choice of playing in one, two or all three. Inventories in each world are separate and we use Grief Prevention for our protection. We have a dynmap setup for our normal and creative rules world customized so you can tell which player is in what world by color formatting.

Our hard world has the rule of ‘no health regeneration’ to give it a little bit of a twist, the only way to heal is with potions or golden apples. We have tried to keep the hard world as vanilla as possible, only way to set a home is via a bed.

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