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Minecraft Community Prison

Minecraft Community Prison


Best classic prison out there. If you're 9 years old and like OP servers you probably shouldn't join.

Join here:

Been on this server for almost 4 years now. One thing I've learned is that this server would literally not run without the Owner. I would go far enough to say this is his passion. He is very fair and as long as you aren't here to cause trouble then I'm sure you'll have a good time. Plenty of items in "Crates" Donor items, good armor and unique weapons. Just look at the servers change log and that's all the proof you should need. I'm thankful and I'm sure the Owner is to that this server has prevailed through the test of time. I'd recommend this server to anyone who wants to either spend 30 minutes a day on here, or someone who wants to spend 4 or more hours on here.
Posted 27th Nov 2016