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Please help my server grow


I have parkour
COD Zombies
over 30 plugins
I'm open to new ideas for new plugins
I'm flexible but don't tolerate disrespect
I have an Op course--anyone completes it? Gets Op--command Op. But you must show me your work. I don't tollerate cheating.
NO MODS ALLOWED--and I'm very paranoid to any unnatural behavior in the game I see.
Big server, huge spawn
Server signs to click where you wish to go for easy transport
Hardcore is also available. Upon request? I can ban ya when you die.
THIS IS a challenge server, so keep this in mind. When you first join? Its not easy. You start at bedrock level. No sissies allowed. :) hope you enjoy my server when you login

Its just a game so have fun with it. I don't care for complainers. If you don't like my server, find a new one. This server is mostly just for my own use. I allow the public to join, cuz I'm just such a nice guy. I can be mean, but mostly nice.

Lets not get into the fancy stuff. I DO NOT like Rank Hunters--someone who just logs in, asks for Op and leaves. I want to see people build and play with other users on the server. If you are not participating, I will consider you a wasted slot and ban you. So please just play the game and don't worry about a rank. Don't just sit and stand on my server doing nothing. I only have so many slots to work with and plenty of people who want to play on the server too I hope.

I want to give them that chance. Thank you for not using up my user slots.

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