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Server Overview:

10 Hearts has always been a Factions based PvP and Raiding server. With the revival of 10 Hearts we have decided to take a slightly different path than our usual factions’ style and that is to use the HCFactions plugin instead of the normal factions’ plugin. What this means is instead of power level being the main thing to worry about it is now DTR which stands for Death to Raidable. What this means is if your DTR goes below 0 it makes your faction susceptible to being raided and edited. Even though we are using HCFactions we will not be implementing the ban on death like most Hardcore servers. We don’t want to be a Hardcore server, but instead want to be a realistic styled server that makes the game more difficult in other ways without preventing players from being able to play. That being said we have disabled a majority of the normal teleportation abilities like /spawn /home and /tpa We believe this takes away from random encounters and thus provides an easier way to avoid pvp. The reason we disabled tpa is because we want players to go out and adventure on their own as a group or team and not just send one person out and have their friends tp to them. However, we ARE allowing the use of /f home and /f sethome. We believe you should be able to teleport back to your factions’ home. To make traveling a little easier and centralized we have added a server wide rail system which is described below. Furthermore we have disabled TnT block damage as we find it unnecessary and it causes new people and new factions to quit faster when older more established factions destroy their bases. A majority of the above may change based on player preferences, but this is how we have decided to start the server off. Finally I would love to make the server as balanced as possible to give the game the most pure skill based play as possible. Unfortunately due to the costs it takes to advertise and run a server, we will be creating donation based ranks in the future. We will do our best to not make these ranks unbalance the game, however, we need to provide incentives for players to donate to keep the server running.

The Map:


Spawn contains:

Player Shops where players can trade Emeralds with Villagers for items

Fishing Pier with access to a Fishing Rod on a 10min CD


Cow Farm for leather and food


KoTH information (KoTH will be disabled until peak player times are better known to prevent players winning KoTH without having to fight)


Crates for rewards from KoTH and other various events


A Donator Only Section including some fun things as a thank you for helping support the server


Spawn is a 6x6 chunk SafeZone surrounded by a 25x25 WarZone

Four roads going out in the cardinal directions to the end of the radius of the map (5,000 block radius)


A Central Rail Station, built by ParkThePenguin, that connects to all of the other stations


The rail and system:

            The server has a build protected rail system going through it.  This rail system is designed to allow for faster travel since teleporting is disabled on the server. (Except for /f home)

            The rail system is centered at spawn and goes out along the four cardinal directions

            At 2000 and 4000 in every direction there is another rail station


These stations then go out in the cardinal directions creating two more big squares


Here is a Diagram explaining the rail system


The dotted lines indicate the world border

The black lines indicate the rail and road system

The yellow boxes indicate the rail stations

The red box indicates the spawn warzone which goes out to about 400 x 400

The green box indicates the central station at spawn

End Portals and Nether Portals

End Portals can be found at the 2000 x 2000 corner stations


Nether Portals

Players can create there own nether portals like in vanilla. However, you will always come out of the same nether portal you came in. There will not

DTR Factions Information:

Max DTR is 10 regardless of number of members

Max claimed land is 30 chunks, each member grants 6 chunks. Anything over 5 members will still only grant 30 chunks

Max Faction Members is 20 players

You are only allowed 1 ally

You are not allowed to truce

DTR Freeze is set to 30 minutes. What this means is you are unable to regen DTR for 30 minutes from the last death of a faction member

DTR Regen is set to .01 DTR per member per minute

Solo Factions will have a Max of 6 Land and a DTR of 1.01

Faction Scoreboard looks like this: (we may add or remove stuff from it based on players requests)


Player Name Tags

GREEN means they are in your faction


RED means they are an enemy of your faction


and PURPLE means they are an ally of your faction


The Kit:


Protection: 2 (other protections like projectile, fire, blast have been disabled)

Sharpness: 2

Fire Aspect: 1

Power: 5

Flame: 2

Higher levels of protection, sharpness, and fire aspect are obtainable through crates from events

Knockback and Punch have been disabled but are obtainable through crates and events


Strength, Regen, and Invisibility have all been disabled

Economy, Chest Shops, and Chest Locking/Protections:



The economy of the server is based on emeralds, therefore, native villager trading has been disabled. The reason we chose emeralds is because we want everything to be able to be raided including your money and if we made it virtual like most servers then it could never be touched.

There are two ways to be able to pay for items from shops

            Villagers at spawn REQUIRE you to have the emeralds on hand to trade them

            Chest shops created by MEMBERS either require you to have the emeralds on hand or in a vault

To create a vault place a chest down, place a sign on the chest, and then write the word [Vault] on the first line of the sign. This will create the vault for you

Chest Shops:

Chest shops can be created by anyone MEMBER Rank or above

To create a shop simply place a chest down and put a sign on it

Leave the first line blank

Second line equals quantity you are selling

Third line is the number of emeralds

Fourth line is the item name/number

Chest Locking/Protections:

Natively the only chest protections are via the HCFactions Plugin. What this means is if you place a chest within your faction land (and your DTR is above 0), only you and your faction members can open the chest. Therefore, when you create shops or a vault, placing them within faction land will allow any faction member to open the chest. As some people may not like this feature we will implement the locking of chests for those that choose to donate. This adds a second level of protection to your chests where you can allow who you want to be able to access them. HOWEVER, this only protects your chests as long as your DTR of your faction is above 0. If for any reason your factions DTR drops below 0, all of the locked chests within that factions land will become unlocked making them raid able, just like they should be. You will be notified of this happening and if you want to protect them again you will need to go relock them.


I have always been a fan of McMMO and have implemented it on the server again. However, as in the previous revision I have decided to remove the PvP elements of the plugin as we find them to be too overpowered. This leaves the PvE elements of McMMO in tact to make the mundane gathering tasks take a little bit less time and to allow for Repairs to be somewhat easier.



Ever since ender chests were implemented into the game I have disliked them. However, we have decided to not remove them, but to alter them instead.

Visitor Rank will not have access to Enderchests at all.

Members will have access to enderchests but they will only be 9 slots


Donators will have access to enderchests and will have access to more slots based on their donation

Combat Tag and Combat Logging:

Combat tag is enabled for 30 seconds after each time a player takes damage. During this time you can’t teleport or log out. Logging out will make a placeholder npc take your place which can be attacked and killed. Trying to use spawn protections to avoid pvp won’t work as a barrier will be put up to prevent you from entering any safezone while combat tagged.

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