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Tactical Network

Tactical Network


Welcome to Tactical Network!
Thanks for visiting our site!

Tactical Network is a newly launched (2/1/2017) Minecraft server dedicated to bringing our gaming community the best, survival and raiding experience a server can possibly provide. Offering an array of fun, intricate and awesome custom plugins, our server fails to disappoint in providing an enjoyable experience. A healthy and thriving community is maintained by staff dedication and a community website. Feel free to join now and experience what you're missing out on!


We are currently transitioning Tactical Network into a hub to give players more to choose from! Tactical Network is currently just factions as of right now. In the time being wait around to see much more gamemodes implemented into the server!
Plugin List

  • FactionsUUID - Contains tons of beautiful features!
  • FactionsTop - Shows the top faction on the server! (Hint: Placing spawners in claimed territories to up the value of your factions to make Factions Top!

  • FactionsFlight - Want to know something cool you may not know?! As a member of Tactical Network! We give you acess to fly in your own territory

Many more to come!

We are Hiring:

Tactical Network is currently seeking highly motivated, experienced, mature, and responsible members to join the Tactical staff team. We are currently seeking help and you can apply for the rank 'Helper' You can go right ahead and apply by clicking the tab at the top of this page labeled "Applications"

What the future holds:

As some may already read, we are currently transitioning Tactical Network into a hub server!. The hub will consist of the gamemodes such as Towny, Factions, KitPvP, Plot Worlds and Prison.


One of the essentials aspects of a wonderful server to play on is awesome, fair, and upright staff to monitor the community. That's why our server has 'Helpers'. We have zero tolerance for staff abuse and any such thing will result in an automatic demotion and possible further permanent ban if needed.

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