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Ozone World

Ozone World 1.12.2


Hi, we are Ozone World, a Skyland based survival server and are currently recruiting for professional builders to build boss arenas and dungeons. Think of Skyland as a natural generation of amazing floating structures for players to build on.

If you are interested, join our discord and contact me directly. If you are not a professional builder, it is okay, we will accept you if you are not too shabby in building floating island theme structures.

Yes we are also considering accepting mature staffs such as admins and moderators, but unless very exceptional, you must at least be of age and mature enough to handle a basic conversation when assisting players.

If you are interested in applying for a position, join our discord and check #application, there should be a forum to fill out. We will respond within 48 hours


Server IP:

Main Features:

  • Version 1.11.2

  • 1.8 PvP system

  • Job System

  • Boss Arena

  • Naturally Generated Mini Dungeons

  • Custom Island Generator

  • Quest Rewards

  • EXP + Money Withdraw into Items

  • Auctioneer

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