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The Chasm is a whitelisted Vanilla server with a safe, mature, and fun environment. Individuals are encouraged to express their creativity in almost every imaginable way, from spectacular community builds and experience/mob farms to incredible independent projects.

We don't just encourage creativity within the scope of Minecraft, however. For the aspiring YouTube content producer or Let's Player, The Chasm is a clear choice. We allow alternate accounts for the purposes of filming third-person viewpoints, making time-lapses and other cinematic moments possible. These alternate accounts will be put into spectator mode by a staff member, which means that they will be free from any danger and will be able to fly; however, these accounts will be unable to interact with anything ingame - They are simply cameras. Any client-side modifications that enhance audiovisual content (such as Optifine and any shaders or texture packs) are, of course, allowed and encouraged.

The community we are aiming to create will be friendly, helpful, and most of all, it will be fun. PvP events on maps such as Revolution, Nail, and much more will occasionally be hosted, and there may even be prizes for those who do well. Friendly, member-organized competitions on The Chasm may also take place from time to time, and players who choose to may take part in the member-driven Prank Wars. Those who enjoy role-playing should also feel free to create storylines and lore behind builds and landscapes on the server.

We hope you'll join us, we're always on the lookout for great new members. Please check us out on our website at, we'll see you there!

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