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SteamBlock - HCF

SteamBlock is a unique HCF server that is really fun to enjoy it also has games of KOTH that is scheduled every now and then, KOTH is a fun little minigame implemented in HCF it is short for King of the hill. as a hardcore server it wouldn't be hardcore without a DeathBan system. DeathBans happen once you lose your 5 lives, once you've lost them all you will be deathbanned for 2 hours unless you head on over to our store and buy some lives and unban yourself. We're always working hard on making this specific server fun for all your friends to enjoy. We will be Resetting the nether every 2-3months and that includes the end. However, We do not have a set time to when we will be resetting this as it's the main world for factions and KOTHs. You can keep updated with us on either the forums or our Twitter!

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