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PlagueMC is a Enhanced Vanilla Minecraft Server, with a small but growing community

Built on top of a lightning fast server, PlagueMC offers a vanilla Minecraft experience with great multiplayer features.

The difficulty of the server is hard mode. Players should be aware of the challenge when joining for the first time, this is to keep the game interesting for veterans and newbies alike, even during end-game.

Region Protection - Prevent others from building on, or destroying your claimed land!

Container Protection - Prevent people from taking from your containers automatically!

Community Warps - Teleport instantly to useful server buildings!

Server & Player Shops - Earn money by selling, trading or buying items from/with server or other players!

Enhanced Multiplayer Sleeping - Better muliplayer sleeping mechanics allowing for a better experience!

Enhanced Tree Felling - TIMBER! Easier Tree Felling and Replanting!

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