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Hello, and welcome to is a unique network created to keep players happy, to allow players communicate, make friends and play together. We have a variety of games such as CNR , Economy, Creative, Factions, and Splatoon.

Cops and Robbers has three versions; High Security Alcatraz and Classic.
The objective of CNR is to escape the prison, the warden will do his best to prevent you from doing so. We have a custom CNR Shop to help you on your way of escaping where you can buy in game items using MineSkill coins.

Splatoon: Splatoon is a custom gamemode based on the game Splatoon. We have custom kits based on the in game weapons too. The gamemode is team based and you will require a lot of skill to win.

Economy: Economy uses our own Cartel/Drug plugin. You can become the drug lord of MineSkill, if you have what it takes.
Economy also has casinos and lottery's if you feel like you're lucky. There's a PVP area in Portland where you can sell your drugs or take other people's by killing them.

Creative: Are you looking to build incredible structures with your friends but can't afford your own server? MineSkill has a dedicated creative server to allow you to do just that! Members get to own up to 2 plots and work with their friends to make amazing structures, donators get unlimited plots AND World Edit!
Last but not least is Factions. Factions is the best place for PVP, especially on MineSkill. Factions has a variety of kits. You can buy them, or kill other players and get their gear. You can also take over the multiple dungeons where there's sentrys attacking you. Can you become the Factions kingpin and rule the MineSkill Factions server?
We have our Discord server, with a music bot to play all your favourite songs while playing Mineskill! Join here:

Skyblock: This skyblock server is in its infincy so if you join now you will be up to speed witht eh other players the developers are working on the shop at the moment and will be happy to help you with any glitches you find.

Staff Team
Owner: FreddieFoxtrot
Head Admin: Cillian N
Manager: RyanLeVicious
Head Moderator: Shalal_101
Admin(s):Budimario AmandaTM
Moderator(s): NoahAtlantis Paul3448 chilly1094
Note: We're looking for staff if you think you're up for it ;)
IP: we're looking forward to seeing you.

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