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Welcome! I would like to introduce you to Radiation-mc, running the Feed The Beast Infinity modpack. The first thing you must know is that this server is very new, it was just opened for a Beta test last week and, from a technical standpoint it went pretty well. It is now open for others to join after they have completed a whitelist application. This is to help separate those that will join the server specifically to cause problems from those who legitimately want to play by our rules. So, I invite you to join us in a anti-griefing envoriment where we encourage players to interact with the community.

We try to keep the number of banned items to a minimum. The only items that are banned are those that can dupe items and/or destroy claimed land (That isn't yours).

The world out to the world border is pre-generated to reduce the load on the server when people are exploring.

-Don't ask to be a staff member (With more players, more positions will open)
-Don't grief anything
-Be Friendly and helpful

Whitelist Application:


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