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Mythacre is a small, friendly, well established, community based, dedicated survival server.
We have been running for 2 years so we have a really great community of all ages.
Our main aim of the game is to make it as fun as possible.
Our map has just been reset so lots of room to let you creative minds build.
Our server is non-PVP unless players agree to it or pvp in the arenas.
Our staff are all mature, experienced, & there is always a member of staff on the server who are always willing to help make your feel welcome and play alongside you in game.
We use grief protection (golden shovel) and Lockette to help you protect your buildings and chests, as any form of grief is not allowed.
We hold regular events and competitions.
We also have TS3, McMMO, Economy, auctions & jobs, brewery (soon adding skyblock & a few other maps)
The server does have mini games such as Parkour, drop parties & a few others, just in case you want a break from survival.
We are always adding new things to make your game play the best it can be, so why not pop by and say hello!

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