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What is ZylorCraft?

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ZylorCraft is an English run semi-vanilla and mature Minecraft server. The server has plugins to enhance your experience but to also help keep the gameplay as vanilla as possible.

As we're a newly launched server we are currently looking for staff members, you can apply by visiting our forums at here you can also see a list of the plugins we are running on the server.


1 - No griefing
2 - Be ethical
3 - Use common sense
4 - Respect all staff members decisions, never argue or dispute these decisions
5 - f you have been banned, write a ban appeal on the forums DO NOT harass members or staff on the TeamSpeak
6 - If you find any bugs or glitches, report it to a staff member if one is present
7 - Ask before building near someone's plot
8 - Do not spam the chat

If you want to leave feedback or post your idea, visit our subreddit /r/ZylorCraft.
Or alternatively, contact a member of staff in-game or TeamSpeak.

Thank you and we hope to see you on the server soon!

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