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Welcome to KingsCraft!

1 No greifing
2 No spamming
3 No hacks/Unapproved mods
4 Do not ask for ranks
5 Keep the chat clean
6 Respect staff
7 Use common sense

No diamonds to be mined, Ask the king or the Jarl for diamonds. If they think you have a worthy cause they will give them to you. This is to slow down the server gameplay in order to have a longer lasting server experience.

Caves are rare. Found a cave? Greate, Now turn it into a fort!!

Clans are a unique part of our server with this plugin you are able to set homes for your clan, Name your clan and much more!

Custom Map. The map is completely made from scratch by our owner Straightupcrazy

Iron isnt too too rare but it sure isnt easy to find. This again is to slow down server gameplay and create player interactions.

When making the map, It was not populated, This means that there will be very few animals on the map thus increasing the realism of the game.

The players make the story so what are you waiting for? Get on and have some fun!

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