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Xertz is the place where we merge over 100 plugins to create a unique experience thats fun and challenging to play! New to the listings but ambitious and dedicated to developing the gameplay! Below are only a few of the features that here at Xertz we offer!


✦ Headhunting
✦ Rankups
✦ Factions
✦ Faction Missions & Upgrades!
✦ HeadHunting Pass
✦ Discord linked MC CHAT!
✦ Flawless cannons!
✦ Cannon Test Server
✦ Payout
✦ Insta Break Obsidian
✦ Flawless Printer
✦ Gen buckets, Trench tool & Sell Wands!
✦ Mob Hoppers, Crop Hoppers & Freeze Hoppers!
✦ Bosses, Envoys & Koths!
✦ Outpost + Outpost Guard!
✦ Custom Armour!
✦ Ongoing Giveaways!

And so much more!

Be part of a new and developing community & take part in molding a great server for all to play!

Shop:https: //

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