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LiTHiA Network

LiTHiA Network - Custom Minigames - [1.8 - 1.13]


The LiTHiA Network features many different types of minigames!

We have PvP games, including SkyWars, as well as original games, such as:
Wither Wars, a two-team deathmatch where players compete to defeat the enemy team's wither and then eliminate the enemy team!
Grapple Knife, a completely unique arcade-style game, where players can use a grapple to swing around the map, chasing after each other, to try and instant-KO their opponents! The last team standing wins!
Hardcore Games, a unique take on the old MCPVP style gamemode, choose from over 40 different kits and try to outlast your opponents! The last player remaining shall be the victor!
Bumper Carts, a Minecraft version of the classic theme park ride. Knock your opponents off the ever-shrinking map, but be careful not to fall off!

We also have an awesome new game, Creep, wherein players work together to eradicate a wiggly, growing biomass that has infested the map! Punch it, freeze it, or even blow it up! The game ends when you eliminate the Creep....or when it eliminates you!

For creative players, we also have a dedicated creative plot server, where you can create whatever you want! (or even catch the attention of an admin! We're always looking to recruit qualified builders, and we can use your plot as a portfolio!)

The server includes plenty of social features, too! You can add other players as friends, and see what game they're playing! You can also private message other players across servers, and compete to be the highest level! Every game awards experience, which levels up your player, and coins, which can be used to purchase kits! Leveling up also rewards coins, so competitive players can be rewarded for their hard work! Voting for the server can earn you Diamonds, which can be used to purchase cosmetics, such as crazy particle effects, or cute pets!

There's something for everyone on the LiTHiA Network! Join today!

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