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Fallout: Atlanta


Fallout:Atlanta (Survival,Quests, PVP, Guns)

The objective of the Fallout: Atlanta project was to replicate the Fallout series into Minecraft to the best of our abilities. The server is fitted with features from HP that levels as you level, a Pipboy-3000 GUI, to interactive NPCS throughout the map. Throughout the wasteland you'll encounter hostile gangs, severe hunger, and radiation poisoning. Your mission is to survive the harsh wasteland battling off other factions and players.

The currentmap is massive, filled with plenty of raiders and random events and replicated buildings from the Fallout Series. Although we're constantly adding locations to the map, the smallest of details are being placed into previous locations. Updates are scheduled to take place at the end of every month.

Server Features:

  • Automatic XP Ranking System (30 Levels)
  • Pipboy-3000 GUI to control all tasks on server.
  • InteractiveNPCS/Quests
  • "Hardcore" Mode
  • Player ConfigurableSpawning
  • 27 Replica weapons which unlock upon leveling
  • Items from Fallout such as: Stimpak | Buffout | Stealth-boy | Rad-X
  • Radiation
  • Vault-tec Vaults to store items
  • Inventories saved upon death
  • Factions/Stats/Camps
  • Backpacks, Horses, Tents
  • Many more yet to come

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