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HorizonCity - Network


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The ONLY server that Pays you to play minecraft!
Earn points in the server which you can use to purchase items from our server shop
Including real CASH PRIZES!

Learn more @

We offer survival, creative and a few games to enjoy like kit PVP, spleef, hide and seek.
all games are made in vanilla coding (no plugins) The server as been open for more than
2 years and won't be closing ... ever :) Were a small community. With No lag and 100% uptime
So you can get on 4am in the morning... and the server will still be there!

90% of the server is run with Vanilla Coding. Making it easier for us to update the server to newer versions.
The other 10% are plugins for YOUR enjoyment.

We offer Survival anarchy, economy , Custom games, Creative world that allows you to DOWNLOAD Your Builds
and other nice perks for being a member of the community.

You can earn points on our website which you can use to purchase items in the shop to help you out in-game.
as well,

We only have 3 admins at any given time, along with a few police officers to ensure that CHAT is friendly.
but we do hinder you or troll you while your playing in survive world. Your free to explore and enjoy yourself
with friends without admins interfering with you :)

No Lag, 24/7 Uptime. Been around for ages. We aren't closing.
make a home here. Rank up, become a Legend.

UPDATED: added 2 new maze to the random maze machine

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