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Etheria Survival

Etheria Survival


Welcome to Etheria Survival!

  • About Us:
    We are all about providing you a friendly, welcoming environment and community. Our main goal is to provide you an enhanced vanilla survival experience, by adding certain elements such as claiming that will ensure you will always feel safe and welcome. Our Staff Team will always be available to assist you, should the need arise.
  • About the Server:
    We have added various features such as claiming, crates, and kits that makes sure you will have a fun time while playing on Etheria Survival. The main map is completely custom terrain, enabling you to make truly beautiful builds without that ugly vanilla Minecraft terrain in your way. If you wish to gather large amounts of resources without buying them from the shop, there is a resource world for just that. The resource worlds get reset weekly, so do not build or claim anything you want to keep there. The nether and end also get reset weekly, so you will always be able to gather the resources you need, without having to worry if they have already been depleted by another player. Each command you have access to is fully documented and explained in a custom help menu so that you know what each command does and exactly how to use them. The server also has McMMO and Jobs installed, so you can choose your own playstyle.
  • Rewards:
    We have various methods of collecting rewards. The first is that you can get crates from voting, and if you become the top voter of the month, you will receive a custom prefix token, enabling you to create your own custom prefix. Also, as you mine, you will have a chance of stumbling upon a special mining crate that will give you good rewards.
  • Server Info:
    Version: 1.14.4
    Donation Store:

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