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FourthLegacy: Economy, Mcmmo, and more!


Fourth Legacy is a normal difficulty vanilla server with plugins to enhance your experience! We are a small, friendly server that is driven by the community. We are very welcoming and friendly to new players, while keeping a mature and accepting environment for everyone as a whole.
If you are still interested, here is a quick summary of some of the things our server has to offer. Use /hop in game to switch between all the servers.

Default Ranks:
Visitor: This is the rank you are tagged when you first join the server. With the visitor tag, you are able to set 3 homes, get 1 region protection, and have 1 creative plot.
Novice: You will be promoted to the Novice rank after one hour of playtime. With the novice tag, you are able to set 5 homes, get 2 region protections, and have 2 creative plots.

Fourth Legacy provides one of the most fun and friendly Economy servers out there. It's survival minecraft but with a built in Economy. Do '/warp shop' to buy things from the server. You also have the ability to set up your own shops so you can buy and sell things to other players! To sell an item straight out of your inventory, put it in your hand and do '/sell hand'. We also have the Auctions plugins so you can auction your items away in the chat. We take griefing very strictly and even have land and chest protection available. There is no PVP so you don't have to worry about someone killing you and stealing your items. Another fun way we want to enhance your experience is by including the MCMMO plugin. You can set multiple homes as well! Climb through the ranks in mining, excavation, swords, and much more! Use the money you earn in game to buy Economy ranks!

Economy Ranks:
Resident: Resident is the first rank you must buy with your in game money. It costs $250,000. but also gives you more region protections and homes. You will be able to set 10 homes, and have 4 region protections!
Wealthy: The next rank after getting Resident is Wealthy. Wealthy costs $500,000. You get 20 homes and 5 region protections!
Millionaire: After conquering Wealthy, the next tag is Millionaire. You guessed it, it costs $1,000,000! With this you get 25 homes and 6 region protections!
Royalty: After that you can apply to get Royalty. Royalty cost $2,000,000 and gives you 30 homes and 7 region protections!
Custom: And the last tag you can buy is Custom, which costs $4,000,000. You get to name your tag what ever you want as long as its within reason and isn't too long.

Like playing minecraft but don't like the survival aspect to it? Or maybe you want to build something real quick in creative before you build it in the Economy world. Well Fourth Legacy has a creative server that is as good as it gets! Each plot is 100x100 blocks. There are also ranks for creative as well! Just build something awesome and apply on the website to rank up!

Creative Ranks:
Builder: 3 creative plots, access to freebuild flat
Craftsman: 4 creative plots, access to freebuild terrain
Artisan: 5 creative plots
Architect: 6 creative plots

We're not done yet! Getting bored on regular survival minecraft or creative mode? Then do /hop and click on Skyblocks! We have one of the better Skyblock setups out there. With challenges to keep you going and working towards a goal, you will never find a dull moment. Also type '/island level' to check what level your island is. Your island levels up depending on what kind of blocks are on it. This is how you rank up in Skyblocks.

Skyblock Ranks:
SkyBuilder (level 150): 1 home, /kit skybuilder
SkyArchitect (level 350): 2 homes, /kit skyarchitect
SkyMaster (level 650): 3 homes, /kit skymaster
SkyLord (level 1000): 4 homes, /kit skylord
Custom (level 1500)

Fourth Legacy also has lots of minigames and more being added as we speak! Like Parkour? Like Hunger Games? Like King of the Ladder? We've got it plus more! Do /hop and then click on minigames to check it out!

We hope to see some new faces around the place now that you know what we're about. If you have any questions feel free to logon and ask one of our staff members! See you there!

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