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Cube Core Network

Cube Core Network


The main servers that we have at the moment are...

-Survival Multi-player
-Heart PVP
-Iron PVP
-Diamond PVP
-Sheep Shear minigame

I am proud to announce our newest pvp server, Heart PVP! Heart pvp is a game mode where you have a kit that is composed of...
-Colored leather armor
-Diamond Sword
-8 Health Potions
When you get a kill in this server it adds to your kill counter or if you die it also adds it. When you get a kill you receive a health potion. Your health is determined by you kill death ratio. You start with 15 hearts. The higher the ratio the more hearts you will have. Even is you have more deaths than kills you will still get a bit of a boost to your hearts.

In the middle of the map there are crates that you can break open to get cool random items. Once broken they will fall back down after 1 to 3 min. We will be adding special fun events on the server that will happen at random. And example of one that I am working on at the moment is juggernaut. When the event starts the player that is online with the lowest kill death ratio(or just a random player I am not sure yet) will be given iron armor and a significant health boost(like 10x). They will also have slowness.

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