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Aura Of The Pig

Aura Of The Pig - Magic, Spells and Races!


Aura of the Pig has a variety of world to play in, but the main one is the Magic World. We have a few staff members already and at the moment have enough to keep the server running nicely. So don't join asking to become a staff member, as we might mute or ban you.
The staff members we have already have are friendly and will help you with any problems or questions you may have. We hope to develop a community of the same type of friendly, helpful players who enjoy playing on our server!

Magic World
The Magic World is the main focus of the server featuring powerful spells to help you fight against other players, deadly mobs and others simply to improve your experience on AOTP. We plan to add broomsticks soon as well, so stay tuned for that! There are a few factions to choose from when you join the server, and each one gives you three spells that no other faction has! Each faction has a main base but you are able to build another base/ house for yourself nearby. Griefing and raiding is strictly not allowed and anyone doing so will be banned and the damage will be rolled back.

In the creative world you get a 64x64 block plot where you are able to build whatever you want in creative mode. You are also able to add friends to your plot so you can all build together!

In the KitPvP world you can choose from a selection of kits (more coming soon) to fight against other players with in the enclosed arena below.

Survival Games
Join an arena where the only weapons and armor you have are the ones you find in the chests scattered around the map. Try and get the best weapons possible to survive until the end by defending yourself from the other players trying to attack you!

Drop into a woolen square box with a floor of soft white snow. However innocent it may look, the aim of the game is to try and destroy the snow beneath other players feet with your diamond spade, dropping them onto the layer below! The game ends when all the other players have dropped throught the last layer into the water below!

If any of the worlds above seem to interest you why not join and join our community?
If you have any suggestions or have found any bugs please post them in the respective forums on our website.
I hope you like all the work we've put into the server and become a member of our small community!

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