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Hey guys and welcome to the new players who are reading this! This is an introduction to the basic commands and some information about Tranquility! :)

We are a non-grief, semi-vanilla server. We do not tolerate hackers and griefers. We have a friendly mature community that we welcome everyone to! You can build whatever you like here! You can build villages, create shops with our economy plug-in, make statues, make minigame maps (please check with owner that this is ok first!), whatever you want! :D You have an entire world to build wherever you like, but please do not build too close to other players without their permission of course. I welcome all new players who would like to join and hope you all have fun! :)

So here are the basic commands:
/help - This brings up a list of helpful commands in game.
/helpop - This sends a message that only staff can read, please use this should you need any help. Staff need to be online to read it though.
/warp - This warps you to the specified warp you put in.
/spawn - This brings you to the spawn.

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