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Valantis: The 4th Age


Our people are not from this land, 600 years ago our ancestors came to this land by mighty ships that ruled the oceans.
Come and I will share with you the tale of Valantis

In a land long forgotten our ancestors lived and fought against one another. They were so consumed with war and hatred that they did not notice the rising waters. By the time the first waves crashed over the Harbor towns it was too late for most. Survivors fled to the mountains much to the dismay of the Dwarfs. The Dwarven kingdoms first reaction was to defend, and drive the refugees into the water to drown... but the wisest of them allowed their “guests” entry.

Curanos heard rumors of Lost ships from other kingdoms. This had not bothered Curanos at first, but when the Kingdoms fishing fleet did not return one evening from a neighbouring harbor, A truth was to be known. He sent one of his scouts to find out what had happened The report was not a good one... The Merchant town had washed away and the land now covered in water. Washed out, a few survivors talked of a storm that terrorized the ocean with no end. High ground became priority and Curanos set off to the Mountains. Villagers carry what they could and followed up the Mountain.. Some Villagers refused to leave thinking him a fool. Part of Curanos wished he could see the look on their face when the waters arrived in force... Along the way Curanos crossed paths with the Eldress Niara. The Elvish Queen spoke of similar events and wary of the Mountains dwarves. He offered to help her deal with the Dwarves. She readily agreed..

Baruk was no fool, he could see the rising water and he knew it would only continue. Though he held much disdain for Elves and Human scum, Baruk knew his men could not gather the wood needed for boats to survive as Elves could. He also could not build a grand ships as the human shipwrights. Water started filling up the lower chambers of the Mountain Kingdom. A decision was made... Baruk spoke to his fellow Dwarves, and made himself clear to the other races that a truce had to be made. Safety for Elves in exchange for their ability to provide the wood. Safety for the humans in exchange for their shipbuilding skills..

Niara had seen the waters begin to rise and became curious. Until the fall of her Sisters Kingdom from the mighty waves. The Elvish Queen tried to commune with nature and recieved no response... The only thing she knew was there was danger remaining. The rains were coming and the waters were rising fast. Eldress Niara gathered her people and set out for higher Mountains. Along the way she crossed with the Human King Curanos. The puny Human told her of the oceans being tossed in constant storms. Villages washed away in a single wave! They formed a truce, she was glad to have someone else to deal with the Dwarves. As the survivors worked together they found a new respect for each other. The skills of their crafts were never fully appreciated during the times of war. The Dwarves forged the finest tools anyone had ever seen, the Elven bow skills allowed for picking off of wild game to help keep everyone fed. Over time the Dwarven Rik Baruk offered peace during the dark times, and dwarves were accepted onto the giant ships.

Finally the time came, the ships were done and it was time to set sail... They sailed the seas for many moons trying to find a new land. Just as they were about to give up, Hope was on the horizon. When finally reaching the New Land, it appeared that the realm was occupied.. by Orcs! They could hold the truce for long, each with a new respect for the Land and high hopes for their descendants, they would each part ways. Over time each of the Leaders achieved many great things, including banishing the vile Orcs to the Outreaches when they tried to destroy the peace and harmony. Then one day they all vanished It is believed they Ascended and became Gods of the Realm and from that day Valantis entered its 4th Age.

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