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Sky Realms

Sky Realms | Gametypes requested by the players


About the server:

Welcome to Sky Realms! We got different gametypes on this server in hope of giving you something YOU like to play! Our players is our main priority. While adding gametypes we always listen to what our players want!

Right now you can find Skyblock as our main survival type. We are trying to make our Skyblock to become of one the best! So we will always be adding cool feautures to it and keep it updated and extra fun to play.

Then we got BedWars which is our main game. We are also always keeping that one updated and playable. The game is translated from German. Its a very fun and unique game. If you don't know what it is then you can read about it on our website or in the lobby on the server. We also have webstats for it on our website! So your statistic will always be updated and saved. Because then you have something to play for if you are a competition kind of person. Then your target can be to be the best BedWars player of the server! But we also have teams on it. So you can team up with your friend if you want to! The games/lobby/maps are on own servers to give you the best gaming expereince!

Our PvP is in the spawn with free diamond stuff to pvp with it! You can either just do /kit pvp or you can go to the crafting stations and make your own pvp tools! We also have soups for healing. To get to the pvp arena you just simple jump down in a whole in the middle of the spawn.

OP-Prison with plots, op items and much money!

Then we also got Creative if you like to build or just experimenting.

Crates, we got voting crates in each world where the crates are optimalized for what gametype you currently playing on. So you must be in the world you want your crate key in while voting. We also got donor crates which got global rewards and that means its the same rewards in all worlds and you also get much better prizes in them. You can get an donor crate key by donating or win it in a voting crate.
But the rest of the server is on one server with multiple worlds for making the community feeling the best! But each world got its own permission so the gametype you playing gets more improved!

Vote for our server /vote (ingame) to earn $1200 ingame-money, 1000 Exp and 1 Voting Crate Key!

If you have any question feel free to post on the website, create a ticket on the website, contact me ingame or send a mail to:

For business related send a mail to:

Additional Notes

  • Skyblock - BedWars - Creative - PvP - Factions - OP-Prison - Crates - more gametypes will be added if requested by the players! Be sure to join us today!

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