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The EnderCraft Network

The EnderCraft Network


Welcome to The EnderCraft Network!

At EnderCraft, we strive to provide the absolute best quality and most unique Minecraft server experience around by offering a variety of game modes such as Survival with Factions, Creative with massive 500 x 500 plots, a custom PvP arena and kits, and so much more is coming as we move forward to become the top server!

We cant become to the top server without you! You can help us improve by pointing out things you dont like and well be glad to change them for you within reason of course. Our staff are always willing to help you with any server related problem you may encounter during your stay. Trust me problems with our server are few and far between. For extra assurance that any problems or bugs will not affect your experience, our server administrators will fix the problems on the spot as fast as they possibly can to ensure your experience remains unaffected if not very subtly affected.

By joining our server, you are entering a community of people dedicated to creating an amazing community of friendly, kind, well mannered, and sometimes immature Minecraft players who just want to have fun inside the world of Minecraft. Immaturity just adds to the fun, but I can assure you that the moments of immaturity are few and far between. Were over all fun to hang out with group of Minecrafters.

We can guarantee youll always want to come back to EnderCraft versus going on servers like Mineplex or Hypixel. Trust me, our server is simply that much fun

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