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PlanetBrunei Reborn

PlanetBrunei Reborn


Welcome to PlanetBrunei Reborn! Are you tired of the same Minecraft survival servers that don't add much? Are you a hardcore survivalist who wants to help each other fight against difficult mobs and challenging disasters? You found the right place!

PlanetBn was Brunei's most successful and loved Minecraft SMP server but it was sadly closed down. Now, with a new owner and under new management, let's reborn this once significant server back to its glory days! This Reborn Planet Brunei is NOT affiliated with PlanetBN. PlanetBrunei Reborn focuses on relieving the good ol' days of Minecraft, this includes Survival-SMP, Skyblock and PVE game modes! Survival-SMP and Skyblock are enhanced by not only adding harder custom mobs but also disasters that destroy your unclaimed work! THIS IS NOT AN ANARCHY/PVP SERVER.

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