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MCGalaxy Network

MCGalaxy Network


MCGlaxy Network is a growing network every day we get new players that are awesome and help out with the community.

About MCGalaxy Network: We have custom built plugins to keep you intertand whilst on our network. Great Community, Great Staff 'Now all of our staff might not be A GREAT STAFF but most of our staff we pick are great thats from our presective of view.'. We have 2 Dedicated Server 64GB, 12 Cores, Linux OS, 1TB Bandwith,10TB HardDrive SSD. We offer NO LAG and MORE FUN ON ALL OF OUR SERVERS. ComingSoon Allow players to create there own servers with there own Plugins 1 month for members and for donators you can donate to get more time for your own server. :) Ram Is fully confgiable but 2GB UP you have to donate Sorry for any trouble but all money helps pay the bills :) . Thanks in return for your all support and DONATIONS!

What type of games are on MCGalaxy Network?:
Factions Most Popluar right now.
MC-Drugs "NotRealDrugs,Has real drugs will kill you so DON'T TAKE OR DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!"
TF2 With Guns and custom Textures like the real TF2 Game on Steam.
SurvivalGames: Over 24 maps 10 witch are custom built by the community.
Cops and Robbers: 6 Maps.
MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE :p We have a total of 2,159 servers right now this is a live status of our servers. Remember this will update every month.

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