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pin_drop - MooseValley Gaming Network

Survival | PVP | Creative | Skyblock | Minigames

The MooseValley Gaming Network prides itself on being a 99 up-time, highly stable, lag-free environment staffed by knowledgeable, friendly players who love the game as much as you do! Take advantage of our in-game voting rewards system voteshop to acquire awesome rewards unique to each server in our network!


  • Come enjoy a low pressure, no-pvp environment on our Survival server! Protect your land with ProtectionStones and add your friends to build amazing things. Enjoy our Horse protection plugin that lets you tame and name your horses and summon them at will!


  • Not for the feint of heart, our hardcore PvP server is filled with non-stop PvP action. Protect your land with Towny! Use your voting points or donate at the webstore for epic unobtainable gear think Prot V! and head out to war!!


  • Giant castles, humble cottage, or pixel art, the choice is yours! Claim a plot of land and start building right away on a 75x75 plot. Upgrade to a donator rank and get 101x101 plots as well. Add your friends to help you build or go it alone either way youre bound to have an amazing time!


  • Come out and build your own private island in the sky on our Skyblock server! Dont forget to check out the challenge modes available to earn money to purchase enhancements for your island.

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