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LuckCraft PVP

LuckCraft PVP


On our network, we have a total of 8 servers (5 of which you can acess). We have Survival, Creative, Skyblock & Prison!

On survival, we take griefeing as a horrible thing, so we have a really awesome plugin set up to prevent people from breaking your builds!

On Creative, we go to basics of plots. Get two 128x128 size plots and build what ever you want! Even switch gamemodes and PvP! :O

On BlockHunt, we don't make things complicated and make the game fun. We have custom maps not found anywhere else but LuckCraft.

On Prison, you will get a challenge. If you have been on simple prison servers, this won't be pne of them. We make it a challenge so you always have fun!

Yes, that's probably insane. But the best thing is that on Skyblock and Survival, it can ger better. How? You can purchase ranks and kits!

On survival, we have ranks: God ($15) and Titan ($30). We also come with special kits! Some cheap kits better than starter to complete OP kits for very cheap!

On Creative, we have a rank called Guardian ($10). Get access to one extra plot and some world edit commands to make building a whole lot easier!

I really hope that you come check out our server! A lot of time has been put into the development of the server and every donation you make really helps us out to keep the server alive and you to have fun. You don't have to donate, but all donations are always accepted!

What are you waiting for, come join our network today! LuckCraftPVP.NET!

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